D.J Mike Anderson

The sound of D.J Mike Anderson started in 1985 when he was nine years old. From this beginning Mike soon went onto play and listen to Hardcore (rave) , as an M.C and D.J playing in different venues around the country. These helped Mike to develop his skills and his own style. After some years Mike discovered house music. When he frequently played at The House of Windsor In room 2. In this period he also played on a legal radio station in Reading (Radio Oracle 107fm) conducting two shows, The Mike Cressford RnB show and The D.J Essay show. This was a great way to perfect his style. Following this Mike put out his first record on Frontline Records as part of the Chemical Agents Crew. The title was Alpha(the beginning) FRONT -045. Mike then left England to live In Italy where he played once a week on a legal Radio Station in the south of Italy (Radio laser), and has been building up a following over the air waves and in the clubs. He plays all types of the house genre. In this moment Mike is working on projects with Various producers from all around the world. Giving Way to Culture. Expressing His Feelings andThought through his Voice. and the music he plays!!Working with different Styles. unusual rhythmic scales. Open to all Dimensions. Now Proud to be signed on King Street Sounds as well as other legendary labels. Respect to all His Partners-ORLANDO VOORN, COLIN DALE, SANTONIO ECHOLS, Dj Rame, Robert Double Dee MIlls(MIKE & ROB), I-Robots, The Dark poets,A.Sihe (TRANSATLANTIC CONNECTION), Desiree Paris (Chronophone), Letkolben, Anthony Real, Marc Zimmermann, Agraba, Sweet Dream Flowers, Man-k, ProlurvCharm, Letkolben, Alexander Fog, Damaged Man, Jorge Sacco, Stipe Poljac-Deep Conversations, Son-Pasquale; DJ Serabutangha, OMBT aka PAOLO 2nd ect………. 

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