David Lana

Start in early 90’s with a passion for dance music,he bought the first “Technics 1210” for Vinyl mixing.Starting with Private Parties and spinning Experimental Electronic Housemusic.Then went on playing Tribal House in various venues and clubs.Among the many there was the saturday afternoon at Alpheus with Garage / House sound, it was an appointment of the highest quality setting in the Sound of New York.Transferred in Germany there were many other local “Kaffe House,” “Disco Legend”.”The Golden Bowl” on behalf of one of the artistic directors of Universal Music and many partner Bands such as Dick Bird, Band and DJ Guru Shamsbrg Rasputin.In addition to the appearance in various gigs as a DJ shoulder for musical evenings and big events with 2000 people attending. As a producer, in 2010 he did a remix of “Pump it Up” by Uzless-N released on Jambalay Records and the collaboration went on releasing original projects and remixes for many other artists.

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