Jeffery Stephan

Born and raised just outside of America’s windy city, Chicago, Jeffery Stephan was awakened to his muse at a young age. At just age three, he began his early yearsof musical discipline. From Jazz to Blues, Rock to EDM, JS will continue to create magical vocals and innovative music for the future of humanity, as we know it.At age 12 Jeffery joined forces with his music school’s traveling blues band based out of Chicago. Exploring these avenues, he began to experience the joy of the main stage, playing at events like the Taste Of Chicago.From Jazz Band to the Choral line for his high school, Jeffery Stephan excelled wherever possible.Now at a cumulative point in his musical education, Jeffery’s creative focus has begun to shift to the ever-growing market of Electro-Modulated music. With a voice and style all his own Jeffery Stephan is sure to light up the stage and resonate in the ears of many a generation to come.

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