Jambalay Records, born in Bologna in Italy, in 2010.

Thanks to the constant efforts of Roberto Milanesi, he has promoted underground artists from all over the world, creating synergies and interactions between known and lesser known artists, publishing original works and remixes in underground genres Techno, House, Tech House, Chill Out / Lounge.

The main objective is to create music but also to promote a culture of integration, with a view to overcoming racial and cultural prejudice, aware that music is a powerful means of communication that affects the emotional part of people, going straight to the heart and therefore bypassing ordinary language, creating a universal metalanguage to unite humanity in a festive but profound dimension at the same time, making people think about important existential issues, but also freeing energies in dance, understood as dynamic, psychedelic and liberating meditation, enhancing the Club culture and the integral philosophy that supports it, that of Peace, Love and Unity.